This is creepy.

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Science turns monkey into drones. Humans next.

I hope this is a joke. I fear it is not.

What can be done, will be done. Oh, we'll have really, really good reasons for it, you know. And it won't be US who are affected, you know. Just THEM, and they won't really know the difference. You know how THEY are.

Oh, dear. Oh, dear.


That is very creepy. (Altho the way my house looks today, if one of those monkeys showed up toting a Hoover, I'd take him and give him lifetime refuge...)

What's sick is the thought that there are parents out there going, hey, now there's an idea!

Horrifying. Worst quote:
"We have to make choices about what makes a good life for an individual."
So much for pro-choice. The Controllers will choose for us.



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