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We just had two training sessions at our church for Project Gabriel. Here's a link to their web page. In fact, our parish will have a sign going up outside very soon to tell the world we want to help mothers and unborn babies.


I'm Ashleigh Jacobs and I am ProLife all the way. I may be only 16 but I like to voice my opinion....Abortions are murder. We are killing the people of our future, they ones who are going to keep our world going. People make the arguement about the rape victims, but whether or not the want to have a kid that doesn't mean we have to kill the baby. They are hundreds of familys that want kids that cannot have them. So why not give them a chance? And for these people who have sex unprotected willingly, they should NOT have the choice of abortion. I think abortions should be outlawed and I will defend my thought to the death!!!



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