A nice start to the Get Ready for Christmas Season


Tonight, PapaC took me to the Ft Worth Symphony Orchestra's traditional start to the Christmas season concert, "Home for the Holidays." It was lovely. A mixture of religious and secular Christmas music, complete with a sing along and "snow" falling from the ceiling as Santa Claus appeared.

Huge chorus present, made up of the Arlington High School chorus (which is highly ranked, apparently, and with good reason) and the FWSO "festival chorus", many of whom were, I suspect, from SW Baptist Theological Seminary.

The most beautiful thing was the high school choir's version of Lux Aurumque by Eric Whitacre. It was hauntingly beautiful, and brought the loudest applause of the evening. Simply breathtaking. It is no wonder the choir has been asked to sing at several festivals around the state and country.

The funniest thing was a rendition of The Twelve Days AFTER Christmas, which was a riot.

I got to wear my new sparkly snowflake earrings that my dearest mom gave me as a "day after Thanksgiving" present, and my lacey "cha cha cha" skirt. Woo hoo!

It makes it a little easier to think about fighting the crowds at WalMart tomorrow afternoon.

Here's to the shopping season!



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