Any U of Georgia alums out there?

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....if so, you might want to read Mike Adams latest column about the Safe Space Program for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered folk.

If you actually want to make sure that what he says is actually on the website, you have to pull up the "Guide" which is in pdf format. And there it is!

Here are a couple of Mike Adams' paragraphs, couched in the form of questions to the UGA president:

The UGA website claims that the “Old Testament clearly indicates that King David had a homosexual relationship with Jonathan, the son of King Saul.” Could you explain the basis of that contention?

The UGA website claims that “the Hebrew Old Testament clearly documents a homosexual relationship between the prophet Daniel and a man named Ashpenaz, and indicates that God put Daniel into that relationship.” Could you explain the basis of that contention? Is the university website accurately characterizing the will of God?

And it goes on from there. The whole website is worthy of perusal--especially the funding portion. Funds were received from Lambda, GLOBE, and the President's fund. Wonder how many religious groups received funds from the President's fund?


Before this election, I seriously wondered where this country had gone . . . without me and a lot of people with whom I identified. This sort of website would have sent me over the edge on many a day if were feel particularly out of touch with the so-called mainstream. But now? Well, now, all this alternative Bible history and relativistic moralizing just makes plain to me how desperate some people are to justify their own silly choices. It is not enough that we simply say to ourselves that there are those who makes bad choices, choices we do not support, but getting on a soap box about it is not really the answer either. They actually push us until we have to say, No, no I'm sorry lealizing crack leads to bad things, a marriage is between a man and a woman, and a tree will always be a tree and not a bird no matter how you want to change the definition. It's like dealing with children! I mean really dug in, stubborn, unformed intellects!

The WEEKLY STANDARD had a article entitled "The End of the Sixties". Now I'm only 27, but earlier this year I told my 54 year old father that it was clear to me that the same minority of people who managed to suck up so much oxygen in the sixties with all their peace, love, and rock and roll were the same silly group that had been tryng to dictate to the country for the last forty years. Be nice. Don't judge. You can't legislate morality. Blah, blah, blah. Well, guess what folks: on November 2 the Peace Train officially derailed and it's not coming back.



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