Here's an update on that Women's Eucharist brouhaha in the Episcopal Church:

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You can find a link to the new story here.

Here are some paragraphs from the Washington Times story:

The rite was attributed to the Rev. Glyn Lorraine Ruppe Melnyk, the pastor of St. Francis in the Fields Episcopal Church in Malvern, Pa.

She and her husband, Bill Melnyk, rector of St. James Episcopal Church in Downingtown, Pa., posted several ceremonies, which invoked pagan gods and goddesses, on

I'm off to check on the website. I'll try to update later on this.

The Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania on Friday released a statement promising to investigate "extremely serious" charges that Mr. and Mrs. Melnyk are practicing Druids and have violated their ordination vows.

But Bishop Charles Bennison Jr. said the two priests have "contributed positively" to the diocese for four years, adding, "I will not allow this situation to turn into a witch hunt of any sort."

Well, no. I suppose it would need to be a druid hunt.

The Rev. Margaret Rose, director of the denomination's Women's Ministries office, issued a statement on Thursday saying divorce and women's eucharist rites were not approved Episcopal liturgies, but were listed only "to spark dialogue, study and conversation and ponderings around women and our liturgical tradition."

The "women's eucharist," she said in an interview was written by Mrs. Melnyk for a parish study group of women.

"It was written in response to their alienation," she said. "It was not claiming to be a Christian eucharist, but it was a way to look at their own religious traditions and explore them. We don't desire to replace the Sunday liturgy in any way. They wrote it to see what it would feel like to have specifically feminine images."

Mrs. Melnyk also is known on Druid Web sites as "Glispa" or "Raven." Mr. Melnyk, who goes by several druidic names, including "Oakwyse" and "Druis," had posted messages and rituals at, and other sites.

Oh my, oh my. Where is the dyspeptic Dale Price when I need him?

I stand amazed. Nothing like a lot of bored upper middle class women sitting around feeling alienated.

Get a life!

And who knew that you could be a druid AND an Episcopalian! I thought that was only for Unitarian Universalists. Silly me.


I would add to Lewis's comment below that some inches are covered a coupla times over.

what it would FEEL like to have feminine images? let's all grab a bag of doobage to see what it FEELS like attending Mass high! whoo-hoo, gitter done!



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