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WorldNetDaily: View homosexual film, or school faces lawsuit

Here's a quote from the article above:

"The schools have great latitude in what they want to teach, including what's in training programs, and the training is now part of the school curriculum," Esseks says. "Parents don't get to say I don't want you to teach evolution or this, that or whatever else. If parents don't like it they can homeschool, they can go to a private school, they can go to a religious school."

Yep, so let us take our tax dollars with us when we go, OK?

Oh, no, I forgot, silly me. We may not have to GO to the school, because we could just homeschool or something, but we have to continue to PAY for the silliness that we disagree with.

This is the part of discussions like this that chap me. Oh, they'll be so gracious as to let me out of the system. As long as I'm willing to pay double for education. Once via my property taxes and once in tuition for parochial school or (in our case) in books and stuff for homeschooling.

As a homeschooler, I was never one in favor of taking money from the government. Largely because during my career as a tax accountant, I saw too often and too clearly that those things the government subsidizes come with too many strings attached.

But I am becoming an ever more fervent advocate for the portability of education dollars, via vouchers or some other plan.

Yeah, yeah, I know, some yahoo would take his kid's education cash and spend it all on lottery tickets. But you know what? There are stupid parents out there doing ridiculous things all day every day in the system we have now. Kids fall through the cracks EVERY SINGLE DAY as it stands right now. To decide that we can't change a system because there is a yet unknown idiot out there who would abuse the system is patently ridiculous.

Too many times as a homeschooler, I have heard the old "Look at that horrible abuse case where those people said they were homeschooling and were really starving their kid to death." Well, you know what? That's a bogus argument. All that really says is "Look, you can do something different as long as you can guarantee 100% success with it. No loonies. No crazies. Why, no, we can't guarantee that WE meet that standard, here in your local public schools, but then, we DON'T HAVE TO! The standard is different for us, you see."

Sorry, it reminds me of that old Lily Tomlin skit where she plays Ernestine, the telephone operator. "No, we don't care. We're the telephone company. We don't have to!"

End of rant. I think I need to go fan myself and drink a cold beverage.


Good rant! Think I'll join you in that cool drink.

Oh, totally. The fact that we are forced to foot the bill for stuff we find morally objectionable makes me CRAZY. Grrrrr.

So here's a question: when fewer students enrolled in FWISD this year (meanng fewer federal dollars for the schools) why were they having to look for other funding (presumably from my property). If I spent money like the school district, well, that's a nice little fantasy in and of itself. Sky's the limit budget, no oversight.



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