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....the 1998 A&E miniseries Vanity Fair.

Oooooh. Excellent, excellent, excellent. If you have a spare FIVE HOURS to kill, it is definitely worth your time!

Very true to the book, as I remember it. No sugarcoating of how devious and calculating Becky Sharp is. The subtitle of the book is something like: "A story without a hero." While there are a couple of noble secondary characters, most of the people are shown for the cads and bounders that they are.

One of the complaints I read about the new movie version of it (starring Reese Witherspoon) is that the directors felt compelled to make Becky sympathetic--giving her reasons in her background for how she acted. And making her more of a mother to her son that she actually is in the book. Too bad.

Political correctness did not win out in this miniseries. If period drama is your idea of a fine time, then put this one on your list.


OOOO...where can I find this gem?

Any familiar actors in the main roles?



I checked it out of my library. It is also available through Netflix (which we are members of). Don't know if it's available from the major video stores or not.

I hadn't seen any of the actors before. But I must say that Natasha Little, who plays Becky Sharp, was a GEM!



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