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St. Margaret of Scotland

Here's a snippet I just read about her:

Malcolm and Margaret were married about the beginning of the year 1070. Their marriage was blessed with 8 children, 6 sons, one after another, then 2 young daughters. The oldest son was named Edward, followed by Edmund, then Edgar, Ethelred, Alexander and then David, and the girls were Matilda (or Maud) and Mary. Although she was the Queen of Scotland, Margaret continued to live a very austere and deeply religious life, founding hospices, building churches, and helping the poor. She began a form of a Women's club, in which the women read the scriptures and embroidered vestments for the Church. She brought refinement to the Scottish Court, with her love of art, education and culture, and the rough , coarse, uncouth Malcolm was reformed by his passionate love for her. She helped bring the Scottish church in line with Rome by bringing together the Culdee and Roman priests in a conclave to resolve points of dispute. Her love and fine upbringing of her children was remarkable, and they all turned out very well, being always affectionate and peaceable amongst themselves. She brought 200 years of peace and happiness to her adopted country. Although her health had never been good, it was not helped by her long and somewhat excessive periods of fasting and prayer.

Ah, 'tis many a man who has been reformed by his passionate love for a woman. But we don't hear much about THAT side of passion, now do we?


my favorite saint maggie is st. margaret clitherow of york (my wee gracie's saint), but maggie of the scots sounds like one fine lady herself! tanks fer sharrin.

Hurrah hurrah, a Saint I love very dearly. May I also blow my own trumpet and point out that I've just stuck some stuff about her on my (rather sporadically updated) blog? (Oh look, I just did...)

I'm so glad that people outwith Scotland know dear St Margaret!

errr the address would help with that...

Incidentally, the 'women's club' was just her household, pretty average for a queen if particularly pious and lovely in Margaret's case.

Pax et bonum!

I love St. Margaret Clitherow, too :) but also St. Margaret of Scotland. Yay for mommy Sts.!



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