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According to a study by Lands End, nearly 50% of men think shopping is more stressful than being dumped by their girlfriend, losing their job or having to move back home with mom and dad.


Close calls for sure, although moving back in with Mom & Dad would be stressful because they wouldn't have room for my books and I'd have to get rid of some. Anyway, certainly the advent of online shopping has lengthened many men's lives. :)

Now there is a survey with a "sensitive dependence on initial conditions" or driven by stupid assumptions.

Shoping? Where? For what? The auto parts store? A "Home center"? A real old fashioned hardware store? A real electronics parts surplus store? Even Costco!

While I at times resemble the "conclusion" of the survey, there are other times where I just enjoy the time spent with the kids, other times when simple browsing is a joy. In some ways I'm better at the being with the kids shopping than A is. Maybe I don't feel as guilty saying "NO!".

However when it comes to shopping for deals and specials, I just get out of the way. I admit that I am not as well trained nor do I have the cutthroat instinct for certain types of specials shopping.

Praise where praise is due!




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