Sometimes it is to laugh!

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Watching Zteen and McKid together is a riot some days. Yesterday I was making cookies, and I had measured out M&Ms to go on the top of the cookies. Zteen had been snitching them out of the measuring cup and I told him that he and McKid could have the leftovers, but to leave alone the measured out ones.

McKid had been busy watching and "helping" me cook. She was sitting on her stool by the counter, and when I turned my back, she filched an M&M out of the measuring cup.

Ever one for justice, Zteen swooped in on her. "Mak! Where'd you get that M&M?" (Said in a disapproving tone.)

McKid sweetly turned to him, with a giant chocolate ring around her mouth, and yelled, "TARGET!"

Zteen and I dissolved into laughter. A fitting end to a busy day!


we missed you at the cookie exchange -- my cookies didn't kill anybody. whoo-hoo!



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