The thing you don't realize....

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.....before you have kids, is just how FUNNY they are. No one can ever get across the number of moments you will laugh out loud (or to yourself, if it would upset your kiddo) just being around them.

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish are a favorite snack around our house (as popular with the teen as with the McKid). The GoldFish Colors are running some tie-in with the Nickleodeon Kids' Choice Awards, whatever they are. So, instead of getting just colored goldfish in your package--and wouldn't that, really, be ENOUGH?--you now get colored "splat" crackers.

Yesterday afternoon, I walked into my office to see McKid with a giant pile of crackers spread over the top of my desk. She was oh so carefully separating out fish from "splats". I asked her, "What on EARTH are you doing?"

"Getting out all the crabs." (She doesn't get the whole "splat" idea. I'm not sure I do, either.)


"'Cause I only like the crabs. I don't like fish crackers."

Of course, I try logic (stupid me!): "Honey, they're all made out of the same stuff, they just LOOK different. They're just different SHAPES."


Well, alrighty then.....

Thanks a LOT Pepperidge Farm. Thanks a LOT.


When I was out of town a few months ago Kenny took the boys for ice cream. My youngest son only eats plain vanilla, nothing else. My husband called and I heard the screaming of a very disturbed child, he'd bought vanilla bean ice cream and Auggie was screaming that it had blueberries in it and refused to eat it.

Somewhere my 3-year-old has gotten the idea that "the crab" is the scary monster to look out for. He woke up one night seeming to have had a bad dream about a crab; he looks in his bedroom for it and says, "No crab today," and he occasionally utters something like "Crab scratch my nose" or "Crab scratch my hair." I just don't know where this came from -- but it's bittersweetly cute to watch him both discover and learn to cope with fear.



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