Friday Feast, ya'll!

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Do you get excited when the season begins to change? Which season do you most look forward to?

What day of the week is usually your busiest?

Would you consider yourself to be strict when it comes to grammar and spelling? What's an example of the worst error you've seen?

Main Course
Who has a birthday coming up, and what will you give them as a gift?

If you could have any new piece of clothing for free, what would you pick?

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Seasons change? LOVE IT. Favorite season is fall. My favorite weather is cool enough for blue jeans with a long sleeved t shirt, but no coat. Won't happen here for another LONG while.

Busy day? Are you kidding me? Every one of them but Sunday, which is only 1/2 busy. I should be busy every day. The days I am not are the days I am ignoring my responsibilities.

Grammar and spelling? Spelling - yes. Grammar - not so much. (Just read my posts to confirm that.) My current pet peeves (which I read in the newspaper this morning!!!!!): "undo influence" and "pouring over papers" (pouring WHAT over papers? Coffee?)

Birthday? Odd you should ask. My mom's bday is next, and she wants us to clean out/organize her garage/paint studio, which is currently a worse disaster than you can imagine.

New Clothing? A great pair of jeans

Appetizer: Yes! I would not want to live in a place where there aren't four definite seasons. I'm also glad I live in a place where neither summer or winter are extreme. I look forward to the spring when the beauty of blossoms and flowers returns after being gone so long. I love fall because after a hot summer, the cool days are refreshment.

Soup: All of them

Salad: Yes! I can't think of anything particular at the moment, but with all the chat slang and the advent of spellchecker, I think everyone has forgotten what real English is.

Main Course: Son #2 will be 17 on the 29th. He wants Nintendogs, but not sure if that's what I'll get him. Kids get harder to buy for as they get older. Any suggestions??

Dessert: A really nice leather coat.

Appetizer: Yes, I love the change of seasons. I most look forward to autumn because the world around me changes color, the coolness is a great relief, it's apple-picking time, and the magazine I freelance for is wrapped up for the year, which means I can start working on Christmas gifts!

Soup: Every day is l busy. Even Sunday, though we try to keep it less busy than the rest of the week. My husband is recording a band all day today & tomorrow, though, which means I'll get no laundry done either day because they'll be in the basement, and that means I'll have extra chores this Sunday. Plus I have to take a photo for the paper on Sunday right after Mass, too, so quite a bit more work than usual.

Salad: After all those years in advertising, I'm not so strict about grammar any more. And my spelling has always been atroc-- atrocious?terrible. I need the computer to spell for me. Worst error I've seen is people not understanding when to use an apostrophe. For example: "We went over to my brother's house to see his new dog's. It's so cute the way they play with sock's and chew up the newspaper's!" [shudder]

Main Course: My husband's 35th birthday is Wednesday. If my doggone freelance check shows up from the paper (it's three weeks late!), I plan to buy him either a new charcoal grill or a smoker, because I anticipate them being marked down for end-of-season clearance. He's also getting a $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble that I earned from MyPoints.

Dessert: Ummm...well, Zooey needs school pants (he outgrew three of them over the summer, but luckily the shorts still fit, so we can get by until October 15th). And Edyn needs a few more winter items, plus Lola needs a new winter coat and she might need long pants, but I haven't had time to check yet.. My husband and Lola both need shoes.

Do you get excited when the season begins to change? Which season do you most look forward to? Yeah, it's nice to end the heat. hehe. I like Fall & Spring the best.

What day of the week is usually your busiest? Ohhh it varies. We are very laid back around here.

Would you consider yourself to be strict when it comes to grammar and spelling? What's an example of the worst error you've seen? Sometimes but I make mistakes too so unless its every single word & nearly impossible to read I don't pay attention.

Main Course
Who has a birthday coming up, and what will you give them as a gift? My husband - no idea what to give him & Son - he wants a kid laptop (& my daughter hehe - i'm giving her life & a gentle birth this year)

If you could have any new piece of clothing for free, what would you pick? Ohhh for me?? Probably jeans once i get to whatever size im gonna wear postpartum. Jeans are my favorite ever.

Appetizer – Yes. Right now, fall. It hasn’t been the nicest summer. The rain has been scarce enough that the trees are starting to look like fall anyway...not a good thing.

Soup – Saturday

Salad – Yes. Strict, but not perfect. “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction? Maybe it’s not the worst, but it has become part of our dubious cultural heritage.

Main Course – My future son-in-law on August 24. I’m not sure. How about a promise to behave myself at the wedding? Or a giftcard from the Apple Store.

Dessert - A Chanel suit. Did you want me to be practical? I can't think of anything I really need...

Love season changes, except from spring to summer. Yikes. I always look foward to fall the most.

Ummm, Tuesday.

Nope. Bad gramma and spellin' don't botha me none.

Main Course
My Bday! I'm getting a long bath from myself.

I'd pick a new baby sling. (They're clothes, right?) Mine looks a little rough, but it's an old friend.

I love the seasons' changing. My favorite seasons are summer (and I mean the real change in July, when tomatoes are finally back) and autumn (when I crave pork roasted over a wood fire, apple galette, and so forth).

It all depends on my writing schedule.

I try to be, but am an innately horrid speller.

Main Course
Amalia will turn four next week. She will get some horse related stuff.

A really good panama hat.

Appetizer: winter.

Soup: Monday - I hate Mondays.

Salad: Nah! Life is too short.

Main Course: My Grandma; whatever is on sale.

Desert: Black Roman Cassock - I need a new one.

Appetizer: Not sure anymore whether it's spring or fall that I look forward to most. Winter seems to bring me down more as I age, but summer is tough; I'm not organized enough right now to make sure everybody's sun-screened, bug-repellent, and properly hydrated for safe 90-degree-weather play, and I'm weak and fat and tired for lugging a baby and chasing a 3-year-old. Not to mention the "heat advisories" we keep getting. So we've been inside a whole lot, and fall sounds great.

Soup: Not sure. Maybe Saturday. Stuff needs to be done before Sunday rest, especially washing church clothes.

Salad: I've always been a very good speller. I am pretty lax about my conversational (and e-mail/AIM) grammar, sad to say. But certain errors that are sort of logically inconsistent bother me a lot. (One that comes up a lot: "She is beautiful, kind, and volunteers at the soup kitchen.") Worst error: can't pick one out right now.

Main course: My son! He will be a year old tomorrow. And I don't know. He doesn't care too much about presents yet. But our 3-year-old will be giving him a MegaBloks helicopter that he selected with our help. The good thing about a first birthday is you can bring the kid with you, see what he likes, and then give it to him 2 days later without ruining the surprise, because he really doesn't know what's going on.

Dessert: A long, modest but not frumpy, nursing dress that I could manage to nurse discreetly in. I have never had a nursing dress. I am picturing charcoal grey, with a sort of collared blouse-top and gently billowing skirt coming to around halfway between knee and ankle. Think 40s or 50s maybe? I don't know if anything like this exists. If you think you can sew me one for less than $75, drop me a line :)

1. I use to love fall the best when I lived in the Maritimes (East Coast Canada) but now that I live in the Arctic I prefer early spring. The sun comes back for 8 hours a day, it's -15C. Beautiful winter fun weather.

2. For some reason, Wednesday tends to be one of the busiest days of the week in the newsroom where I work.

3. Fairly strict. The wrost errors I see are incorrect use of its and it's, and there, their and they're. Drives me mad.

4. My father, brother, nephew and niece all have birthdays in September. I don't know what to give them!

5. A new hand-made parka, with wolverine fur around the hood. For some reason, the frost from the breath doesn't collect on wolverine fur, so it makes a great hood trim.

Appetizer: I'm with Cin, although I'm not in the Arctic, but Michigan is close enough for me. I love the arrival of summer, because it's season is so short. The winters are so long and dreary.

Soup: Probably Tuesday or Thursday, because people are either waking up from Monday or trying to get something out before Friday!

Salad: I'm a former newspaper copy editor. I'm a Nazi about both.

Main Course: Why, me! In September. And no, I don't know what I want for my birthday.

Dessert: a pair of Birkenstock clogs, because I love my sandals and I want to have something comfortable to wear when the weather gets cold.

Season: Fall...I love it. My mind becomes lucid after its summer meltdown.

Busy day: Saturdays. Homeschooling forces me to leave lots for that day, and it's so not relaxing or fun. I really dislike Saturdays.

Spelling error: Hands down, it's "its/it's. My skin crawls to see them used incorrectly. Especially in advertising, where you'd think editors would know better.

B'day: My hubby, and I have no idea what to get for him.

Clothing wish: Those really cool harness boots or clogs. But they're out of my budget, let me tell you.

Yes. I most look forward to spring and fall.

Oddly enough, Mondays, when I don't work, are my busiest days. I study Latin with a friend in the afternoons, and in the evenings I attend meetings/rehearsals of a small men's choir for which I am the de facto artistic director.

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. I'm the son of a copy editor. :) I can't recall the worst error I've ever seen, but the error I find most irksome is the replacement of a plural form by a possessive, e.g., "photo's" when "photos" was meant.

Main course:
Well, my birthday isn't far off. :) I probably won't give myself anything; it's a bit narcissistic to do so.

A toga praetexta, with matching tunic.



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