here's what i think about so-called catholic journalists

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[there are obviously very sincere catholic journalists out there. i'm referring to the very vocal ones that are obvious dissenters who claim to be the oxymoronic "moderate" or "progressive" catholics but who are in truth nothing more exiting than your everyday run-of-the-mill heretics.]

one has to be a true moron not to see that the Catholic Church is persecuted by the mainstream media. the irony of course is that so many mainstream journalists claim to be catholic. i sometimes wonder whether or not they embrace the title of the very church they so rabidly persecute just for cheap shock value. at least it seems twisted and, oh let's just be honest, perverse; but at worst, it's scandalous. truly scandalous.


OK, so what on EARTH did you just read?

Gosh, yes. No need to waste all that good spleen...

a quote from TS at video meliora:

"I wanted to share this bon mot from fellow Catholic Cokie Roberts: '...even the Pope, who is not known as particularly friendly to women...'. (It's always family members that hurt the worst ain't it?) And here I had no idea the pope was a misogynist!"

Well, see they probably believe that the Church deserves the persecution that she gets and they hang on, because 1) any association with the Church is more legitimizing (who cares what a presbyterian journalist says about PCUSA, they're halfway down the tubes as it is) 2) they agree with the anti-death penalty, war on poverty mission of the church, 3) they believe that they can change the Church for "the better", and 4) that people like us give the Church a bad rap for being oppressive.

The real blessing is that not one of these enfranchised dissenters actually know much about the Church or what she teaches and they have no desire to figure it out. It is a lot of: I want the Church to look more like me- as opposed to- I want to look more like her, the Bride of Christ. What can you do. When faced with tough decisions either you have moral courage or you don't. You can't fake it that's for damn sure.

At least I know where I stand.

As a committed, obedient Catholic who loves the Church for her teaching, and as a working radio journalist, I can't agree enough. I'm so sick of, "Oh, I'm Catholic too, but I don't agree with that!" My response? "Then you don't agree with the faith to which you say you profess." Drives me NUTS!

thank you, cin, for standing firm. you're a true blessing to The Body.

I agree and say "God Bless Cin". While I am not a journalist, I work with them. I'm a Broadcast Engineer for a Statewide Public Radio Network.

I am so often appalled at the preconceptions and biases of the reporters. Even worse is that they are either blind to the bias or they accept it as a part of the culture of their occupation.

In my opinion there is a culture and expectations that most working journalists (in all areas of journalism) wrap themselves in. This is no different than Lawyers or Physicians or even Engineers. It is difficult to be the "pink monkey" in a community of brown ones.

What a sage observation of the behavior of some Catholic Journalists: "I want the church to look more like me". This also describes so many other dissenters. They are looking for something with which they can remain comfotable. It mirrors the general puzzlement in the United States over "Why can't the Catholic Church just change".

These "enfranchised dissenters" have forgotten the exhortation to "Put on Christ". It will not be comfortable in these times. As a sage couple told my wife and I years ago "If you are a follower of Christ - you'd better look good on wood!"



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