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and lots of it. nuthin' but noise in a house with six kids. i look forward to quiet and try hard not to envy it.

it dawned on me this morning that there are lots of working moms out there who would give their eyeteeth to be able to stay home in bed with their babies all day. but i tell you, when the bills, dishes, laundry and the to-do list all pile up around you while you're confined to the bed with your babies all day because as soon as one is asleep the other wakes or as soon as both are asleep your two year old leaps onto the bed, somersaults, and yells TADA!, waking both babies so that it's back to the breast time, it can rouse a very heavy sigh.


You need me to come wash dishes? I am really good at that! And you know I will.

I will even write out checks--I have lots of experience at that. I just draw the line at using my own money. :-)

I love you!

thank you, mamaT. i may take you up on your offer soon.

Definitely praying for you!! Keep up the good mommying.

Although I haven't had twins, I still can relate to your post, and I know how unsettling this time is. But it will pass, and nothing truly is as important as raising your kids. I wish there were easy answers, but as far as my experience goes, there aren't. But do take up the offers of help. If I didn't live 8 hours away, I would be at your door with dinner and an expertise at laundry. Wish I could. Blessings to you!

I only wish I were still in the noise and chaos of that time of life. But if someone had told me that 15 years ago I would have smacked them.

I've known moms that put a list of chores on the fridge, and when folks say "What can I do", they tell them to go pick one off the list, do it, and cross it off.

Things like: Unload dishwasher, fill it with dirty dishes; tidy the bathroom; fold the laundry; do a load of laundry; vacuum the carpeting; sweep the kitchen floor and wash it;

Wish we were neighbors, I'd be over with a casserole and a few dishtowels.... and mebbe a beer for the nursing mother ;)

Hang in there!!!

Lock the bedroom door. Waking the baby was always the Ultimate Unforgiveable, the Deed of Doom chez Cacciaguida. It will be over soon, however, and the babies able to go longer without nursing.

bless y'all. and i mean that.

Yea Smock, Rosie is a few weeks ahead of the boys and she is going longer between snacks.

Two words - baby swings! : )

One for Davis

One for Donovan!

that would be great, elena, if the boys liked to swing. unfortunately, neither of them care for our swing. it may be because of their prematurity at birth, but i don't know.

I'll bet that's it. Rosie didn't like hers either until just recently. I kept trying her in it though and then one day voila!! a 3 hour nap all by herself!! Now she's a swinger!!;)



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