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It's the little things that are sometimes hard. And the little things that catch you unawares and squeeze your heart.

Every couple of years, we do a census at our parish--to clean up the membership listing, check on new addresses, find out who has moved on and who has moved in. This weekend and next are the census weekends, and PapaC and the KofC are helping with the forms.

So, what's the big deal about that?

Just that today, for the first time ever, PapaC and I filled out our card listing just ourselves. Zteen is now old enough to be considered his own "entity" and fill out his own card.

That seems like such a small thing. So why did I cry all the way home from church?


oh, mamaT. i love you.

...handing Mama T a tissue... I would have cried too. You go ahead and have yourself a nice little cry - you earned it!



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