The theory of horizontal magnetization and me

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I have spent the morning paying our "2nd half" (of the month) bills and updating our monthly budget. I am doing this on a square of desk that is approximately 18 inches by 18 inches. Why such a tiny desk? The desk ISN'T that tiny. It's just that a host of things, from file folders to princess watches, has migrated to the flat surface of my desk, and I am busy pretending (?) that I am far too busy to actually clean off my desk before I begin working at it.

So here I sit, with teetering piles of stuff stacked up all around me; stress level escalating by the moment.

I have always wanted to be one of those clean desk people. You know, who every night before they head home (or to bed, in my case) have a perfectly straight desk. The kind that takes out one project at a time to work on, puts it away, gets out another, etc. I really do think I'd be more productive that way.

And what I think is that multitasking doesn't work.

But this desk? It's fallen prey to the forces that infest every flat surface in my house: Horizontal Magnetization. No matter how I struggle, my flat surfaces become immediately stacked up with stuff.

Couldn't possibly be me doing it. I think it's simply an unknown force of the universe.

I think I should get a Nobel Prize for its discovery.

Then with the proceeds, I could hire a maid.


Does this theory work with closets as well?



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