Two baptisms....

| church yesterday morning. I love it when that happens! One was for a family that turns out in full force for these things, so we had hosts of folks wandering around, boys kicking footballs outside, kids running in and out of the parish hall. I LOVED IT! I wish that whole huge extended family went to our church all the time.

I was talking to the young father, and told him how much I envied his large family. His response? "Well, we hire ourselves out for holidays. But there is a big embarrassment factor you have to be prepared for!" So cute.

Anyway, here's the baptismal hymn we used yesterday. I like it very much:

Jesus, Son of Blessed Mary,
once on earth a little child,
pattern fair of holy living,
gracious, loving, undefiled.

Though thy eager heart was yearning
heavy laden souls to free,
yet thou calledst little children
in their happiness to thee.

Thy bright kingdom still they enter
through this sacrament of grace;
in thy loving arms enfold them;
hands of blessing on them place.

From the power of sin delivered
may they learn to live for God,
guided by thy Holy Spirit,
nourished with the living word.

Grant that we, like little children,
free from pride and guile may be;
cheerful, trusting, safe, protected
by the Blessed Trinity.

Words by Charles E. Riley, 1884-1972. We sing it to the tune Shipston. The song doesn't appear in the Cyberhymnal, but here is another one to the same tune so that you can hear it if you want to!



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