what? world breastfeeding week? i'm all for that!

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totally coolmoe, huh? apparently august 1-7 is world breastfeeding week, and why not, heaven knows nursing mothers need to be celebrated.

for those who asked, here is a link to the "Nurse-Ez Twin Nursing Pillow" i'm using to nurse the twins. remember, a friend bought it for me when i had gabby because it is so much more comfy than regular nursing pillows. now that we have twins, it really comes in handy, but i recommend it for moms of single babes.

by the way, feel free to browse the lactation connection site. i met the owner, tanya, ten years ago and think she's a pretty neat lady. she's also local business, which it's important to support.


You know about a month ago I heard about the nurse in for this year & thought "I should go to that!" then realized. I'm. Not. Nursing. Anyone. For the first time in over six years straight, these are ALL MINE. For a little longer anyway ;)



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