Zteen had never watched this, so....

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.....tonight we watched:


Thoroughly enjoyable popcorn movie. It is a movie that made me a fan of Johnny Depp--I think his Captain Jack Sparrow is a fabulous creation. And so many wonderful quotes. Here's one of our favorites:

Jack Sparrow: [after Will draws his sword] Put it away, son. It's not worth you getting beat again.

Will Turner: You didn't beat me. You ignored the rules of engagement. In a fair fight, I'd kill you.

Jack Sparrow: That's not much incentive for me to fight fair, then, is it?


I like the one where Will Turner says, "You cheated!", and Jack Sparrow cocks his eyebrow, points to himself and says, "Pirate." This is a terrific movie.

loooooove johnny depp **blush**

have you ever seen "what's eating gilbert grape?" it is so touching, not anything i had expected. he was wonderful in that, too.

/johnny rave :)

johnny depp is one of the most underrated actors of our day. after all of his film credits, he's still considered a "pretty boy". his versatility as an actor is second only to daniel day-lewis.

Love those quotes. Another favorite is when Elizabeth says somthing like, "This was your great escape? You spent three days lying on the beach and drinking rum?" Jack Sparrow says, "Welcome to the Caribbean, love."

I love johnny depp but this movie has made me fall asleep all 3-4 times I attempted to watch it. My little sister owns it/loves it. I just can't get through it. Doesn't help that I'm tired all the time I guess. But I stay awake for other movies.

Wonderful movie.
What a coincidence, I watched it too that night, or well at least the extra features.



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