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A couple of weeks ago, over on Philothea Rose's 'blog, I learned about a new service:

I changed my homepage to their service, and I have been thrilled with it. Instead of getting the Yahoo "which Hollywood star has snogged which Hollywood star" or some such trash, my home page is set to some really great Catholic stuff: mass readings of the day, saint of the day, catechism link of the day, news updates from Zenit, CNA, Catholic World News, etc. There is a section with links to Catholic Exchange, Catholic Answers, etc. Of course, I also have regular news headlines, weather, a little sports, etc.

But it has been so nice not to be bombarded by icky stuff.

MamaT recommends this. Two thumbs up.


It is so refreshing! I think this site is quickly catching on.

What a nice site! You can even make it pretty colors. The Mass times list is great. Thanks MamaT!



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