Book #50 of 2005 finished

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The Sunday Philosophy Club by Alexander McCall Smith. Yes, that Alexander McCall Smith--the one who writes the #1 Ladies' Detective Agency books. This is a new "mystery" series, with another woman protagonist--philosopher and sleuth Isabel Dalhousie. Set in Edinburgh, the pace is much like the #1 Ladies series. Slow. But the problem is that, at least to me, Isabel is not anywhere near as captivating a character as Precious Ramotswe.

I tried very hard to not compare the two, but the similarities are too marked, to my mind. Strong woman protagonist, with strong #2 woman as helper. Stories really about everything else but the so-called mystery. The story was OK, but not compelling.

So, it's a big recommendation for anyone wanting to read his #1 Ladies Detective series, but a big MEH to The Sunday Philosophy Club series. I won't even be looking for book #2.......


I totally agree. I was very disappointed by this book. But I still haven't read the latest "Ladies #1" volume, so I still get to savor the anticipation before I savor the book.

I think he's a wee bit lazy with the Dalhousie books - everyone in Edinburgh reads them because we recognise all the streets and the occasional character, so we forgive the flaws of the book qua book!

Actually, I think the sequel is better - though the name-dropping quotient also rises to unprecedented levels!



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