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From the website:

We are launching our “Benson-Unabridged” series with three of Hugh Benson’s most popular works. These newly released, paperback editions present the complete unabridged texts, which Benson fans have discovered can be difficult to find. Each volume features a foreword written especially for the series to place it within the body of Benson’s works and to help create a context for the 21st century reader.

For safe and secure purchases, we are providing links to or that will take you directly to the ordering page. Your order should normally ship within 24 hours. You can also special order these editions through most local book stores.


Dear MamaT,

I'm a big fan of R.H. Benson. I find much of his writing to be more honed and polished that a certain person I shall not name for fear of being bludgeoned by all of St. Blogs.

All three of these works have been available as E-books for some time (see project Gutenberg). And they are all interesting.

Of interest as well are Benson's Conversion Story AND The Necromancers. He also has a series of "ghost stories," akin to those of his more famous brother E.F. Benson. Both are in turn related to A.C. Benson (who is either another brother or the father of the clan). All have works available in e-form.





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