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this is my sweet chichi, or iffin' you're mamaT, my [gulp] "rat on a rope." i don't get people who don't get toy dogs; they're cuddly, protective and loyal. heck, as long as you're armed, she's a better watch dog than any butch dog could ever be, and that's the truth.


I'd take "rat on a rope " as a compliment !

I like toy dogs too- if I could have a dog, I'd want an Italian Greyhound.

Most pint-sized dogs I know think they're HUGE, and I know a Doberman who thinks he's TEENY and wants to get on your lap all the time. Dogs are wonderful.....

I have never heard the nickname rat on a rope for tiny dogs. My husband likes the small ones but like Mama T I prefer the bigger varieties like our dear old Samoyede whom my rotten husband refers to as Tundra Trash, Sug the eskimo dog and some other real unflattering names. As you have a lot of kids including your twin baby boys Smock mama where do you find time for your 4 legged ball of fluff.

What a sweetie pie! I have a miniature dachshund (photo is on my sidebar and scattered throughout my blog too) named Darwin; people think he's a toy, but he's a full size hunter for what he's bred to do - hunt and kill rabbits (instead of badgers, which the full size dachsies do). Thankfully, the only thing he hunts are his toys and occasionally, me. He's my joy, my clown and my protector. Aren't dogs amazing?

And our big dog does think she's a lap dog too! ;)



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