On Mama T's bad list....

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....for having the first Christmas commercial (which I saw last night--before Halloween even!!!!): BIG LOTS.

Not shopping there. Nope.

Look, I cut slack for places that sell stuff that you have to MAKE before Christmas. So fabric stores, craft stores, etc. catch a break from me. If you're making stuff, you've got to start before NOW, or you'll never be finished in time.

And I'll even close my eyes to the aisles of Christmas stuff being installed right next to the Halloween stuff in the stores.

But I draw the line a commercials for Christmas decorations on TV before Halloween.

A girl has to have some standards, you know.



I would like a law that states no Christmas gear allowed to be sold or advertised until 1 December. Here in Australia the shops have it on sale in September, enough is enough and many families struggle as it is without having reminders about Christmas in September.

You know what is really sad? My five year old asked me a few minutes ago "Is it christmas yet?" All the stuff in the stores has his mind on it already. Ugh.



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