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PapaC just walked in from work. McKid met him at the door.

McKid: Guess what! Guess what! Guess what I'm gonna be for Halloween!

PapaC: For Halloween? I don't know? A Princess?

McKid: No! Guess again!

PapaC: I have no idea.

McKid: I'm gonna be..... A THING-A-MA-JIG!!!!!

(And no, I don't know how to make a thing-a-ma-jig costume.)



This reminds me that I had a book about "Thingamujigs" when I was little . . .


It's fully illustrated, too. ;)

Are those what McKid sees when she thinks of Thingamujigs?

Thank you for the link!!! I've added the book to my Amazon wish list--perhaps for McKid's Christmas stuff.

Maybe they read it at pre-school? I'll have to ask the teacher. We were completely floored by her word choice--we couldn't imagine where she had even heard the word. We don't say that around here--we have "deeley-boppers" instead of thingumajigs.



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