shame on you, american girl

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as the mother of three young girls, i find this very disturbing.
from a consumer advocate friend of mine:

I just learned that American Girl has partnered with Girls Inc in an "I Can" campaign. The troubling part is that Girls Inc is a huge supporter of sex ed., contraception and abortion along with gay rights and extreme rights for children.

the girls inc site on adolescent sexuality: "Health Bridge is a health-care delivery model linking girls to community health-care professionals and services—to turn information into action. Centering on the “whole girl,” it is also an essential resource for girls who choose to be sexually active to have access to necessary reproductive health, testing, and contraception services."

oh, really now? don't we all know just who those "community healthcare professionals and services" are? the catholic answer forum on this topic may be found here.


Because we all know that there is quite the market for "reproductive health services" for girls who STILL PLAY WITH BABY DOLLS!
I'm having a "bang the head on the desk moment" here.

What happend to american girl? What happend to the wholesumness? I am truely disturbed by this. I read that Girl Inc website and feel that is horrible, young girls do not need to be hearing about that kind of thing. I played with dolls till i was 13, I wasn't worried about sex.



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