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Kelly, from over at that wonderful blog The Pew Lady (link to the right), wants to know how we came up with the title of our blog.

Well, obviously we wanted to come up with something Catholic. And when we started there were three of us. So we messed around with a bunch of different names.

SpecialK, who is no longer a regular blogger here (darn it!), came up with "Let's do Summa something......"

Since the Summa Theologica is the summation of all things theological, we thought that Summa Mamas would sort of be the summation of all things Mamalogical--we covered the gamut in spirituality from charismatic (Smock) to quiet and mystic (SpecialK) to the frozen chosen (me!). We covered age from baby (Smock and SpecialK both!) to old (me!). We covered parenting styles from attachment parenting, sling wearing (Smock and SpecialK) to let 'em sleep in their own beds, and by the way a little crying never hurt anybody (me!). We also ran the gamut on schooling, organic groceries, makeup wearing, and loudness of voice.

But we all shared a love of our Lord and Savior. A love of his Church. And a deep and abiding love for each other. Still do. Always will.

And that's why Summa Mamas.

Next up: TSO, take it away!


Super, Mama T!

What happened to SpecialK?

Fr. Ethan, 4 kiddoes, spread out from teenager to baby girl, with another one on the way now, got in the way of her posting. We tried to keep guilting her into posting ;-), but finally let her off the hook.

She still has her posting privileges, and one day we hope she'll join us again!



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