smockdaddy and i went to see derailed last night. what i really want to see is walk the line, but it doesn't open until friday and like so many other things, my movie choices are limited to the twins' nursing schedule. but i digress. . .

i really wan't expecting anything at all out of this movie, so as it turned out, i was pretty impressed. it's very hard to watch though, so i wouldn't recommend it to any of our readers who are delicate moviegoers. let's just say it has an R rating for a reason. violence and implied violence abound in this psychological thriller. it is very hitchcockian (is that a word?). not because it is particularly well-done but because of its theme -- two would-be adulterers get brutally attacked and then blackmailed by thugs -- and its outcome -- which i will not give away. it's frustrating, surprising, violent, and surprising again. i'll bet you dollars to doughnuts you won't see it coming.

if slightly flat acting doesn't bother you as long as the story is compelling, this one is worth the price of admission.



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