I don't understand how the majority of feminists....


.....can be silent in the face of this:

(AgapePress) - An embryo donation advocate says Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, is treading on dangerous ethical ground with a new clinical trial it is starting. A fertility clinic at BCM -- which is not affiliated with Baylor University -- has been given the go-ahead by the college's ethics committee to conduct a study into the effects of allowing couples to select the gender of their babies.

Dr. Jeffrey Keenan of the National Embryo Donation Center says Baylor College of Medicine is using a technique called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, or PGD. "They are actually going through in vitro fertilization, creating embryos and then testing these very tiny human beings for the desired sex," he explains, "and then using those embryos of the desired sex to implant into the uterus of the mother."

Sex selection abortions are, by a very large majority, selection of males, destruction of females. Will they stand ready to throw away their future possible constituents? Of course they will.

My pro-life bumper sticker aims at just these people: SHE'S A CHILD, NOT A CHOICE.



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