It is to weep.....


An article from Lifesite, about a Swiss doctor who committed suicide after finding out that the patient he euthanized did NOT have a terminal illness.

The final paragraph of the article is what is truly chilling:

Minelli told the UK's Telegraph last year that Dignitas would gladly assist anyone to die, "irrespective of medical condition. It does not matter what people are suffering from, we do not refuse anyone."

The patient was suffering from depression. But was treatment of depression recommended? Oh, no. One doctor falsified her records so she could get "sick pay" from work. She used those falsified records to have herself killed.

Is Dignitas (the euthanasia organization) sorry about the mistake? Nope.

Slugs. Creeps. Monsters.

Sorry, my charity fails at the moment. Before long I'll try to pray for these deluded souls.

I hope.



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