kick back 'n take your shoes off. you'll be here awhile as the smock confesses to the following:

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i confess...that i have absolutely no patience with stupid people.
i confess...that, like mamaT, i think a pint of ice cream should be labeled as a single serving. and on that note, a box of girl scout cookies should be labeled as two servings tops.
i confess...that i love going to confession. strike that; i love leaving confession.
i confess...that i really like desperate housewives and i don't get people who don't get it. if hollywood jesus gets it, so should you.
i confess...a healthy dose of admiration for "good ol' boys."
i confess...that i think my children are cuter than yours. i can't help it. i'm the mom.
i confess...that i have to make an earnest effort to control my temper and my language.
i confess...that i've deleted the beginnings of many blogs because they weren't very charitable or were too controversial and i didn't want mamaT to face the backlash.
i confess...that i like really dark and heavy movies. at least two of which i know have even been denounced by the vatican.
i confess...that at this point in my life, my idea of heaven is being able to leave the house solo at will.
i confess...that i could go on and on and on.

i confess. . .that i'd like to see TSO's list next.


Only those Girl Scout cookies where the cookies come in two plastic-wrapped tubes are two servings. The ones in the little cookie-shaped dimples are maybe 1.5, tops.

That, and the pint of ice cream, are hilarious.



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