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.....tagged by Ellyn at Oblique House (link to the right, of course!), it's time to confess.....

I confess.....that I really, really like Kraft Macaroni and Cheese in the blue box.

I confess.....that often I still feel like the gawky teenager who was too shy to talk to people she didn't know.

I confess.....that I wake up every Sunday and the thought crosses my mind "Gee, maybe I'll just stay in bed this week."

I confess.....that I read People magazine and the Star every week at my mother's house.

I a certain fascination with the home shopping channel QVC. I've never bought anything from them, but I like to watch their shows with jewelry. It's like window-shopping without actually having to walk.

I confess.....that I think those little tubs of ice cream (pints?) are single servings, even though the boxes swear they are not.

I confess.....that I like to read true-crime books, and I've read my share of horror as well.

I confess.....that my secret internet vice is the Manolo shoe blog. It makes me laugh out loud!

I confess.....that I always say yes, then 1/2 the time spend hours kicking myself and trying to figure out a way to get out of what I agreed to do.

I confess.....that I lie to telemarketers when they ask for Mrs. S when they call my house. I have pretended to be the babysitter, the grandmother and a real-estate agent. And yes, I've confessed that sacramentally!

Your turn, Smock!


kraft mac and cheese - yum
especially with tuna and peas stirred in
friday night dinner growing up!

I confess to lying to telemarketers too. One time one asked for my wife and I told him that she was deaf.

I confess that I rushed right over to Manolo Shoe Blog and proceeded to laugh myself silly. Thanks for the tip on that one! :-)



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