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Watched this lovely little documentary. In NYC, there is a program that teaches ballroom dancing to 4th and 5th graders as part of their p.e. classes. This film follows three teams from the very first day they walk into the class through the competition held at the end of 10 weeks of training. While there is a lot of focus on dance itself, there is plenty of talk with the kids--some of it funny (intentionally and unintentionally), some of it ineffably sad. The most amusing (and refreshing) part is how uncomfortable the boys and girls are together at the beginning. In this age of hyper-sexualization of the culture, it is nice to see kids who are still, oh I don't know, wary of the other sex. And during the competition scenes, when a couple is finished dancing, they run back to their groups and the girls all jump up and down together and the boys high-five one another.

Not as meaty as Spellbound, it's still a worthy way to spend an evenings. Five of us were watching, 9 thumbs up from our clan.


On the subject of movies; have you rented Zelary? What a beautiful film!

No, but I'm off to Netflix to look it up!



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