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I'm very interested in the Loyola Classics series that Loyola Press is issuing.

Loyola Press introduces Loyola Classics, a series of reprint editions of literary and popular Catholic fiction. Combining a high degree of literary merit with enduring popular appeal, Loyola Classics will attract modern readers interested in the timeless themes of religious fiction.

Eight books will be added to the series each year. Each book includes a new introduction by a contemporary writer, as well as discussion questions designed to help deepen the reading experience for both individuals and reading groups.

I have very much liked their list of books so far, and when I went out to the website tonight I found that they are issuing a book from one of my very favorite authors: North of Hope by Jon Hassler.

Jon Hassler is the only living writer I have ever written a fan letter to. AND I got a reply. He is absolutely wonderful. I always recommend Staggerford first, but my second favorite of his books is The Love Hunter. He's genius. Try him and see!


Jon Hassler is a wonderful writer! I'm glad to see someone recommending his works. I have enjoyed every one of them.
The only writer I have ever heard back from is Suzanne Strempek Shea.



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