A great homeschooling tip....

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....for art appreciation, found on the website www.catholichomeschooling.com:

"Our 3½ year old son has developed a real appetite for good art through our simple art appreciation program. Each Sunday we select the 'art of the week' and display it on a book holder on the kitchen table. Whenever possible we select art that corresponds with the Church calendar. During snacks or casual meals we move the book holder closer so he can study the detail of the picture. If he has played an active part in selecting the picture he will often come to the table to study the artwork apart from snack times without prompting. The title, artist, symbolism and some of the commentary in the art book are discussed but we do not require any of this to be memorized. For now we are just trying to develop his familiarity and taste for great works of art and it's working!

"Very little money has been spent building our collection of art books. Most of them were acquired from book sales and yard sales for only a few dollars each. Other inexpensive sources of art might include the library, religious art calendars and greetings cards."

What an absolutely cool way to introduce art one masterpiece at a time without making a huge deal about it. Wish I still had a homeschooler!

Come to think of it, maybe I'll just start it for us anyway!


Do Black patent leather shoes really reflect up sounds a terrific book to read

The boys and girls standing at opposite ends of the room at dances sounds like the school discos and dances I went to. Talking to boys when you went to a Catholic girls high school made getting to know boys as people even harder. You can see an anthropologist writng a treatsie on the mating riutals or lack therof at such dances.



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