As sands through the hourglass.....



OK, sorry for the absence, folks, but things are speeding up around here--with WAY too much to do, and WAY too little time to do it. Another big project got sent to my "in box" so to speak, and it doesn't much help.

I keep thinking I should make a list of the things I need to get done before this time next week. But I fear that if I actually SAW what it was I need to do, I would stand stock still--like a deer in the headlights.

I'm afraid to know how much I need to do. So, I guess I'm winging it--one little project at a time. And Christmas will come, whether I'm ready or not, so I'd best just get all I can done, then open my heart to the baby Jesus.

So, if posting is spotty in the next week, please know it isn't because we don't love ya. It's just that the Summas have a boatload of stuff that only Mamas can do!



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