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I know some of you live where it is cold, cold, cold, and you'll probably laugh at the Mamas, but

Oh, baby, it's COLD outside!

It's 18° outside and with the little bit of wind that's blowing, it feels colder than that! The streets are slick, the schools are closed. Zteen went off to work, but he thought he was lucky--he had to be there at 5:30 a.m., so there were not many other cars on the road. He said he slid a couple of times. The highways might be better (I hope so, since PapaC is driving to work), but the residential streets are pretty icy.

People make fun of us for closing stuff when there's the "least little bit of weather." But, hey! We don't do this very often. We DON'T know how to drive on it (why would we, we almost never have to!) and there's really no need for us to learn. One day every other year or so? Hah! Just make a cup of cocoa listen to the radio, baby!

10 Comments's -10 here, and getting colder. 18 sounds positively balmy!

Dear MamaT,

And I'm sitting in my office freezing at 72. The temperature outside has plunged to 65 and I think I'm going to die! This really puts things into perspective.



Dh wouldn't let me go to my volunteer job - too many icy bridges to drive over. I'm with you - it irks me no end to hear people complain b/c we don't tough out the freezing precip. And just WHEN would we have done all that practicing driving on ice? The other one day of the year that it snows or freezes?

But even the mockingbird deigned to visit the feeders today - that's a first.

We just stayed home ALL day. Jerics school was closed & he has strep anyway. Jason worked from here via laptop and internet. The kids kept bugging him to play with them.

Well, it was a relatively balmy 22 here in central Illinois today, but we managed to balance that with a nice heap o' powdery, blowing-drifting snow. Not to worry, though; we're used to it.

And yes, I must admit that we Illinoisians have been known to upbraid those who live where the winters are warmer for not responding as we would to the hazards of ice and snow. It's a very bad habit, and I apologize on behalf of my state.

Aha! Ahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Here in Yellowknife it was -30C with the windchill today (I think that's -20/-25F.) And, believe it or not, those temperatures are WARM for this time of year!

The roads up here are icy everyday from October to May.

It was so cold today my scarf froze to my lips -- twice.

Come visit sometime, y'all, and I'll teach you what winter really feels like! :-)

today was a gorgeous if cold day
tomorrow it is supposed to hit the fan
i hate snow
pray for me, will you?

Oh, dear, Cin! I'd be a Mamasicle in a second! But I'd really like to see it, just once.

Klaus, I'm married to one of Illinoisans--a Rockford boy. He used to be very vocal. Now he just shuts up and does the driving. 26 years have trained at least that much into him!

Poor Steven! Plunging to 65! What will you do?

Actually, by the weekend, we will be more normal--highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s. THAT I like. I just don't like the below 20 stuff!

Come in the summer sometime, MamaT, and see the midnight sun. 22 hours of sunlight, two hours of twilight, about 68-72F, for two months. It's heavenly.

Dear MamaT,

I don't know. Weather forecasters around here go frantic if its going to get down to forty at night, and you'd think we were on the brink of the apocalypse if it goes below freezing for more than three hours. (I understand that as much of the citrus fruit industry depends on not freezing.) But still, I heard them telling them to bring their pets inside because it was going to get down to 50!

Surely anything below 50! must be life threatening!!





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