Do you know a young couple who are sharing their first Christmas?

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....(Yes, Ellyn, that might mean YOU!!!)

I think this would be a WONDERFUL and very different bridal gift:

The traditional 12 ornaments for a bride's tree

1. Heart- love in the home
2. House - family shelter
3. Flower basket - beauty in the home
4. Basket of fruit - plenty
5. Teapot - hospitality
6. Bird in a nest - confidence in the shelter
7. Pinecone - eternity
8. Animal - peace with nature
9. Fish - Christ, as well as fertility
10. Rose - Virgin Mary
11. Church or angel - God
12. Saint Nicholas - giving and sharing

I have seen these as sets, but they were very expensive. Some of the items, though, could be made or found very inexpensively. If you enclosed a sheet explaining the symbolism of each ornament, I think it would make it very special. And way out of the ordinary!

Found over at


I'm on my way over there right now...
(Can't afford the fancy sets...tried to get one on eBay but , of course, was outbid. I could kick myself around the block, because I saw a very nice knock-off set (actually 3) at ACE hardware in the 50% off after Christmas sale a few years ago. I thought it would be a good investment having girls of marriageable age. But then I decided against it. Oy!) I probably could pillage most of the items off of my own tree (when we get around to putting it up!) but I still need to think about the other 5 kids.

I just finished buying all of the ornaments for my very best friend, who is a devout and chaste girl who married a devout and chaste boy.

For the flower basket, I bought an Aboriginal birch bark basket (traditional art up here in Yellowknife) with a flower on it made from quills. I then put all the other ornaments in it.

I'm mailing it off tomorrow. I can't wait to hear her squeals of joy over the phone when she receives it!

Oh cool I may have to do a couple sets of these ... if I can find time to seek out everything ;) I was actually thinking about giving them ornaments for Christmas anyway.



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