I just have to get this off my chest:

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It's not nice when you have a "bang your head on the table" moment first thing in the morning.

The paper these days is full of "The Ten Best ________ to buy for Christmas" articles. I love them, because often they point me toward things I wouldn't have considered before.

So, today's list was about DVDs--and it was broken down into kids, tweens, teens, and adults. Everthing was moving right along until we got to the adults' section.

Different categories, but the one that caught my eye was Romantic. I love a good romantic movie. Chick flicks, even popcorny ones, are a secret delight for me.

Want to know what was listed first under romantic?

Sex and the City first four seasons DVD collection.

Sex and the City? I can think of nothing LESS romantic than that.

Has it come to this? A corruption of romance to the point where romance = sex?




That corruption occurred a while back, when I was a wee tyke.


You think that's bad? I got Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons" for a birthday present! :(



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