One of today's great hymns:


Hills of the North, rejoice;
River and mountain spring,
Hark to the advent voice;
Valley and lowland, sing;
Christ comes in righteousness and love,
he brings salvation from above.

Isles of the southern seas,
sing to the listening earth,
carry on every breeze,
hope of a world's new birth:
In Christ shall all be made anew,
his word is sure, his promise true.

Lands of the East, arise,
he is your brightest morn.
Greet him with joyous eyes,
praise shall his path adorn:
Your seers have longed to know their Lord;
to you he comes, the final word.

Shores of the utmost West,
lands of the setting sun,
welcome the heavenly guest,
in whom the dawn has come:
He brings a never-ending light,
who triumphed o'er our darkest night.

Shout, as you journey home;
Songs be in every mouth;
Lo, from the North they come,
From East, and West, and South.
In Jesus all shall find their rest,
in him the universe be blest!

Sung at SMV to the tune Little Cornard, which can be found at the Oremus hymnal site here.



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