Overheard at Casa McKid

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McKid's preschool has a music teacher who is just wonderful and has been a constant joy in McKid's life for the past year and a half. They learn all kinds of songs, and McKid is a big one for singing. The school also has a Spanish teacher, and they try to work in Spanish songs when they can.

McKid's mom called me laughing: "You won't believe what she's singing in the bathtub!"

And there it was. A great Christmas song:

Police! No bad dogs!
Police! No bad dogs!

Think Jose Feliciano if you can't tell what she was singing!

Now when the real song comes on the radio, I sing it McKid's way. I probably always will.


This is hilarious! I hope you're recording it -- this would be wonderful to listen to at her Sweet Sixteen party.

the other version
fleas, navy dogs

In my house the words are
"Police stole my car".

I think they've actually got a verse or two, but they're laughing so hard I can't get the rest out of them. :)

ack! now my dh is singing it too!! =)



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