Thing #2,305,093 that I am terrible at!


There is a lot of Christmas preparation that I like.

I like putting up the tree (even the lights, go figure!).

I like shopping, as long as I'm done WAY before the last minute.

I like baking--especially cookies, which are my favorite Christmas treat.

I like cooking Christmas dinner (which is Italian food for us, even though we're NOT Italian).

But wrapping gifts? Yike! I'm terrible at it. I cannot cut gift wrap straight to save my life. I use gift bags as often as possible, but this year it seems that a lot of my gifts are in boxes, so it's wrapping paper for me.

Well, if you ever get a gift that looks like a blind beaver gnawed the paper off the roll, and that a monkey taped the whole thing together, you won't even have to look at the gift tag.

You can assume that it's from me!



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