and the summa mamas had nuthin' to do with it. really!


now how's this for a kick? sheriff clint low (of mason county in TEXASisthebest) is running a pink prison. and, while mamaT or i may think it's awfully grand to slide in under some pretty pink sheets, apparently some good ol' boys do not.

according to low, he's been pinking up his prison to keep the population down. he says that the inmates did't care for the bubblegum shoes and jumpsuits, so he made the towels and linens pink as well. eventually, he painted the walls pink for good measure.

"most Texas males have an aversion to wearing pink, so obviously already they don't want to come back," he says, adding that he knows "for a fact it's helping." low says that in 2004, before his jail went pink, about a third of all arrests were repeat offenders. but the next year, almost nobody was coming back. same thing so far this year.



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