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Just a quick note to let ya'll know that I am both

Drowning in Paperwork


Surrounded by a Filthy House

I cannot stand it any more, so this week I am busting my, ahem, you know what to get everything back in shape. I can no longer just chip away at it, because I think I'm falling farther and farther behind as I do that. So I have pretty much cleared my schedule for the week and I am going to work 'til I drop.

I will post a Fine Art Friday entry, but other than that, I'll probably be scarce around here for the next week.

Love ya'll. Send a prayer up for me to St. Zita (who was a cleaning lady) and to whomever is the poor patron saint of bill paying and book work on my behalf. I'll let you know next Monday how it went. (Or maybe earlier if it went really well! I can hope, can't I?)



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