Fine Art Friday

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The Dog
Francisco Goya

To read more about Goya, go to the WebMuseum page here, or you can go here and get even more extensive Goya information.

Goya is one of those artists I have a kind of maybe/maybe not relationship with. On the one hand, I think that a great deal of his work is good. It makes you think, it speaks. On the other, it's nothing that I want to look at for very long. And then, this week, I was surprised by the picture of the dog--something completely different from what I expected from him. It's nice when that happens.

Here's the thing I like best about Fine Art Friday. Knowing that I need to find a piece of art that speaks to me for each Friday, I have looked at a lot more art than I ever have before. It was something that I always meant to do, but never had the time on a regular basis. By having this deadline, even though self-imposed, I have been able to read and look at things that I would have put aside 'til later. So, while it may not be an education for all of YOU to see what I happen to like during a week, it is really a wonderful thing for ME.


I highly recommend Robert Hughes's biography of Goya that came out a few years back. In spite of Hughes's nattering anti-Catholicism (there's nothing quite as obnoxious as an ex-Catholic getting things wrong about doctrine), he is an excellent writer and art critic.

Oooh, I like. It just suits my mood today.

I really like your blog :) If you check out my Christian art website, you may get inspired by some of it, write about it, bless others...Feel free to browse, drop me a line, and let me know what you think :)



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