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I'm on a "vacation at home" this week, so posting from me may be a little sparse. Yesterday we went to see my sisterfriend up in Wise County, and it was fabulous.

Today, my cousin and her husband were here from TN. We don't see them very often, so it is always a special treat when we do. Gab city, you know.

And she brought me a very special gift--a scrapbook that she found that her mom had put together--with pictures of my grandparents, parents and me! And letters that I had written to my aunt and uncle and grandparents when I was a child. Pictures I had drawn. Oh my. Things I never even new existed any longer. Really something to look at.

So, it's been a full day. And tomorrow we are off to the State Fair over in Dallas.

I'll eat a corny dog for you. But I won't ride the scary rides. Even if you beg me.

I'll steal a little concept from Manolo's shoe blog and on this Tuesday leave you with this:

Here's what Mama T is reading.......

Another thing Mama T is reading.........

What Mama T is watching.......

And another thing Mama T is watching, courtesy of my nephew Jack......................


oooh, enjoy the corny dog!! mmm, sounds good right now!

I REFUSE to go on those crazy upside down sideways until you barf rides!!!

Oh- another post!
I didn't look at what you were viewing or watching until after I posted above.
Have you seen the movie, Serenity? It was great.



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