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......one of the finest meditations on marriage and love I have ever read. It's by Mary Poppins Not, over at CrazyAcres. She's always good, but today? Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Here's a snip, but go and read the whole thing:

We have had lots of hurts. It is amazing how you can wound and be wounded by the love of your life. We have needed every day of these 14 years to realize that our personal happiness is not the point of being married. That love really is giving til it hurts, and then forgiving the hurt and being willing to give again. And we have not always been in sync with this notion of mutual self-donation. When both people are equal in their sacrificial love, it isn't so difficult, really. But when you are out of sync, and one gives while the other one takes, and then you switch off because now "it's my turn to get", well, love suffers.


Thank you MamaT. Coming from you, that means quite a lot!

Great marriage advice.
Reminds me of what I heard many years ago,
"It's not finding the perfect husband, it's being the perfect wife". Love that expression you
used "mutual self-donation".

Thank you for sending me over to read that absolutely wonderful post.



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