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what's up with men and their insane need for instant gratification in ALL things? smockdaddy refuses to shop online or by catalogue because it "takes too long" to get the stuff. on the other hand, i adore shopping online or by catalogue cuz it's like christmas when it finally arrives. not to mention the fact that delayed gratification is the cornerstone of my avon business!

it seems like this whole instant vs. delayed with men and women is pretty true for all arenas. i can't think of one situation in which men prefer to wait. hmm. food for thought.


I tried to read this post, but couldn't get past the first line...

touché, mr. windsor.

Funny, while I agree with the main point about men needing instant gratification, my husband does almost all his shopping online. But I think it's maybe because he hates to go out to the store or the mall so much that having it delivered to our door really is faster.

And somehow that need for instant gratification extends to giving as well as getting. I tease him about being unable to wait to give me a present. If it's in his possession, it's simply torture for him not to give it to me. And he won't wait to wrap it either.

Reminds me of a quote I once heard:

"The problem with instant gratification is that it's never quick enough."

i can't think of one situation in which men prefer to wait

I prefer to wait until I'm done with the yardwork before I drink beer. It tastes better.

I preferred waiting the full nine months for my children to gestate (in their mother), and I preferred waiting till then to find out whether they were boys or girls.

I prefer waiting until I'm done writing something before declaring it done.

I preferred waiting for permission to have sex with my wife rather than her giving it to me on request. Of course, I could by lying about that one.

thank you, dear mr. luse. it is always a pleasure for the mamas to note that you are a delightful exception to many rules.



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