am i allowed to use the word "shoegasm" on this site?

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if so, here we go:
we start of with the georgeous linea paolo 'babe' pumps
at $99.95 (which is more moolah than i've ever dropped on a pair of shoes) they not only took my breath away, they knocked the wind out of my sails...until i saw these beauties:
michael - michael kors 'raceway' platform slingbacks
at $128.95 i know that i'll never see these on the floor of my closet outside of my dreams. [backstory: now that smockdaddy and i are huge michael kors fans (thanks to bravo and project runway) i'm chomping at the bit to actually own something kors. une fille peut rĂªver, non?] anyhoo, they seem an almost practical buy when i finally cast my lashes on these completely impractical but hideously gorgeous betsey johnson 'ashlin' sandals:
i don't even need to tell you that they are $190.00 to prove that never, not in a million years, would i wear these shoes, but if i was, oh let's say 10 years younger, i'd be naive enough to not only wear them, but also buy them. yum!


These all look like you, but certainly not like ME.

I'm off to "shoe shop" now, and I'll put mine up in a bit.

That'll drive all the men who read us crazy.

And I'm all about that!

Yep, those red open-toe pumps are just too cute for the world. Wonder if I could find a cheaper pair of knock-offs? Not that I have anything to wear with red shoes ...

Not to brag, BUT... I do have two pairs of Michael Kors ... socks.

(They were only about $2 a pair, in the bargain bin at Nordstrom Rack, but they do make me feel deliciously decadent when I wear them. Even with running shoes and khaki pants.)

oh, ms. ellyn, i'm sooooo jealous!



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