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Dance in the City

I love to dance. I wish PapaC did. Most women love it. Most men hate it.

I have a very good friend who told his teenaged son, "Bub, if you want to be popular with the ladies, learn to be a good dancer." (And, by the way, my friend was the best dancer I ever danced with.) The boy became an excellent country-western dancer, and though he was a tad on the short side, he NEVER, EVER lacked for a girlfriend, and women would practically line up to dance with him at school dances. He's now married to a girl he took dancing on the first date.

Renoir is a very lush painter. I like almost everything he paints, but I'm not sure that I'd want to own more than one. It's almost too much. You can read more about Renoir here, at his Wikipedia entry.

But if you love this painting, then DO something. Go grab your sweetie, turn on the radio and dance in the kitchen. You won't regret it!


"Most men hate it."

I don't know about that Mama T! So far all of the winners at Dancing with the Stars have been men! With football great Emmitt Smith winning this week, ballroom may be making a comeback!



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